"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead


The following are the major works of the OEF Infrastructure Panel:

OEF – 9 / Infra Panel – 1, 1A, 1B / 2015 – 2018 / Counselling and Rehabilitation of Beggars in Erode

40 years, since 1980, 37 poor families had been living on the platform of Central Warehousing Corporation without any proper housing, electricity, toilet facilities and ration card. With the help of Revenue Department, these families were allocated place to relocate. But due to insufficient funds, it was difficult for them to build Shelters. In this context, Olirum Erodu Foundation donated    Rs. 15,000/- to each family for construction of Huts. The Total project costs around Rs. 6, 76, 686/-. After the construction of Huts the beggars were relocated and are now getting all the necessary aids from the Government.

Counselling and Rehabilitation of Beggars in Erode

OEF – 10 / Infra Panel – 2, 2A – 2F / 2015 – 2022 / Creation & Maintenance of Park @ Erode Railway Junction

The front side of the Erode Railway station, which was in a state of disrepair, was refurbished and gardened in the year 2015 by Olirum Erodu Foundation and turned into a beautiful park at a cost of Rs. 10 lakh and is being maintained at a cost of Rs. 1 lakh  every year. It is a scenic park and a landmark for the Erode Railway Station. The park is also maintained with 43 LED lights and SS dustbins all around the Park.

Creation & Maintenance of Park @ Erode Railway Junction

OEF – 18/ Infra Panel – 3 / 2016 – 2017/ Bus Shelter Project

The roundabout area near Government Head Quarters Hospital, Erode is always found to be congested and difficult for Passengers to cross the roads. Olirum Erodu Foundation, in association with District Highways Department,  have relocated two statues from that area, for free flow of vehicles and for better traffic control and  also with the approval of the District Administration constructed a Bus Shelter  for the public use on Perundhurai road, near GH .

Bus Shelter Project

OEF – 19 / Infra Panel – 5 / 2016 – 2017/ Infrastructure Development @ CNC College Tamil and Physics Department

In the year 2016 – 2017, on the request of CNC college management and for the welfare of the students, The Department of Tamil and Physics, both the departments were completely renovated and reconstructed by Olirum Erodu Foundation at a total cost of Rupees 3.5 lakh.

Infrastructure Development @ CNC College Tamil and Physics Department

OEF – 90 / Infra Panel – 11 / 2018-2019 / Project – Erode District Map Awareness

Olirum Erodu Foundation along with the Police Department prepared Erode District Boundary Map and was placed in control room of Police department. Along with this 5 Sub Division Maps, 36 police station maps, 115 patrol maps has also been given to Erode Police Department, prepared at a cost of Rupess 5.68 lakh.

Project – Erode District Map Awareness

OEF – 94/ Infra Panel – 15 / 2018 – 2019 / Project River Side Road Survey

In order to  to reduce road congestion in Erode and surrounding Districts,  in 2018, at a cost of Rupees 5 lakh, Olirum Erodu Foundation did a Survey on the west river coasts of Cauvery River for the construction of river side road from Sangameshwaran Temple to Kokkarayanpettai and have submitted this proposal to Government of Tamil Nadu. The implementation of this project will reduce the greater traffic approaching the City.

Project River Side Road Survey

OEF / Infra 7 / 2016 – 2017/ Sathy Road Transformer Shifting Works:

2 EB Transformers, which were obstructing public transport on the Erode Satyamangalam main road, were shifted to nearby crossroads by Olirum Erodu Foundation with the permission of the Electricity Department and at a cost of Rs.8 Lakhs

Sathy Road Transformer Shifting Works

OEF – 60/ Infra Panel – 8/ 2017 – 2018/ Beautification of Chennimalai Road Project

Olirum Erodu Foundation has taken up the project of beautifying the Erode Districts most important roads like Chennimalai road, EVN road, Perundurai road and Kollampalayam by planting ornamental and flowering plants on the road dividers. These plants have been planted and maintained my Olirum Erodu Foundation,  watering to these plants by using their own tractor. Trimming of grasses and weeds were done timely, This project makes the Roads of Erode look elegant.

Beautification of Chennimalai Road Project

OEF – 116 / Infra Panel – 17 / 2019 – 2020 / Project – Creation of New Road Side Park at Bhavani Road 

In the year 2020, a beautiful Road side park was created on the Bhavani main road opposite to Central warehouse by Olirum Erodu Foundation with the association of  and SIDBI Bank at a cost of Rupees 1, 75, 994/and is being maintained regularly. This park has created an beautiful ambience in the surroundings.

Creation of New Road Side Park at Bhavani Road

OEF – 117 / Infra -18 /2019 – 2020/ Erode Traffic Operation Plan – NATPAC

Olirum Erodu Foundation aims to make Erode city a traffic free / accident free place which is now experiencing a lot of traffic congestion problems. To solve the issue we are planning to approach the government for construction of fly over where ever required, formation of a new road adjacent to the river Cauvery, improvement of Road Junctions, etc… with the help of an Government organization of Kerala KSCSTE – NATPAC (National Transportation Planning And Research Centre), K.KARUNAKARAN TRANSPARK, Aakulam, Thuruvikkal (PO), Thiruvananthapuram -695031, Kerala, India. This organization has provided beneficiary decisions in many districts of Kerala and Haryana state to reduce traffic congestion.

On 02.03.2020 an initial discussion meeting and Traffic operation Presentation by NATPAC has been made with the District Collector, Superintendent of Police, TNEB Officials, Corporation officials, Highways officials with MP and MLA’s at Collector Office. In that meeting all the officials and people representatives have accepted to take up the works and assured that they will consider and make modifications as suggested in the detailed Project Report to be submitted by NATPAC.Accordingly, Olirum Erodu Foundation has accepted to pay a sum of Rs.20,00,000/-  for the detailed Project Report

This organization will dwell into the details of identifying the most busiest roads and ways to control them, where to build round about roads, which road to be used only as one way, vehicle parking place allotment, deciding places where the buses can be halted, whether restrooms can be built there, where flyovers can be constructed and where new roads can be laid. Thus this organization was approached with a novel future sight of traffic free erode district.