"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

Waste Management

WASTE MANAGEMENT PANEL will promote Green Clean City culture, sensitizing public on the responsible handling of wastes, by showcasing innovative approaches and simple technologies. The following are the major efforts of the Panel:

  • To engage the youths in spreading awareness on the means of aggregation in segregation of solid wastes, at the places of origin;
  • To encourage and support technically, home-level treatment of solid and liquid wastes, with a vision towards Green Homes;
  • To work with city administration, to create decentralized waste water treatment systems and use of treated water for maintaining landscapes of the community and ground water recharging; and
  • To enlighten the public on the ill-effects of E-Wastes and organise  for its effective collection and proper disposal.

OEF – Project – 5 – Environment – 1 – 2014 – 2015 Pasumai Thittam – Tree Plantation & Maintenance Olirum Erodu Pasumai Thittam:

Olirum Erodu Foundation trough its “Pasumai thittam” project has planted more than 12000 trees over 150 places in the Erode district and maintaining the same. Each trees is being placed at a height of 5 feet and also properly covered by a tree guard. A separate tractor of Olirum Erodu Foundation is being used for watering the plants and road dividers. The total cost of planting a tree is around Rs.200/- and total budget of this Olirum Erodu Pasumai Thittam project is Rs.16,00,000/-

Planting of Saplings under Olirum Erodu Pasumai Thittam

OEF – Project – 16 – Environment 3 (I-VI) – 2017 -2018 Project – Sewage Treatment Plant (STP):

Location : Soolai, Erode.

Total area of the Erode City Municipal Corporation is 109.52 Sq.Km. It has population of about 1.25 lakh households with 5 lakh people as per 2011 Census as compared to 1.6 lakh people in 1991. The City spread over 60 Wards increased from 45 Wards after merging few panchayats in 2011. The city is divided into FOUR Zones. At present, the city has no proper system for treatment of sewage and waste water coming out of residents and other establishments. The demand for clean water has been increasing year after year despite the water deficiency in the city. The sewage and waste water are flowing into the nearby streams polluting severally and wasted into the Cauvery River. This is not sustainable system.

Identifying a solution for this problem OEF has installed an Sewage Treatment Plant at soolai, Erode, with the financial supports form Government and from the stake holders Association of All Textiles, Screen printing, Bleaching, Tannery Processors. A new technology called Aquatron BOOM technology has been used in this Treatment Plant. This process is in the pilot stage and various Research and Developments are being made for the successful implementation of this project.

OEF – Project – 56 / Environment – 7 / 2017 – 2018 / Gift for Sanitary Works – ECMC:
Gift for Sanitary Works

On 05.06.2018, World Environment Day was observed by Olirum Erodu Foundation with all the Sanitary Workers in Erode District and in the leadership Erode District Collector. 1500 Sanitary Worker of Erode City Municipal Corporation was honoured in an appreciation ceremony and prizes were awarded to them. The project cost is Rs. 6,80,105/-

OEF – Project – 87 – Environment – 17 / 2018 – 2019 / World Enviornment Day Awareness:

World Environment Day Awareness Program:

Olirum Erodu Foundation in the aim of celebrating the World Environmental Day has organized an an awareness rally on June 05, 2018. More than 800 children of 5 different schools have participated in this Awareness rally. World Environment Day awareness cum Students Rally was organized at 10 AM in GTS Girls Higher Secondary School. Dr.S.Prabhakar, District Collector, Erode inaugurated the Massive Awareness Rally. Mr M.Seeniajmalkhan- Corporation Commissioner, Mr.R.Balamurali -Chief Education Officer, Mr Malaiyandi, District Environmental Engineer, TNPCB, Mr M Chinnasami, Chairman, Olirum Erodu Foundation, Mr D Venkateswaran, Vice Chairman, Olirum Erodu Foundation, etc were participated in the awareness meeting cum rally. Awareness notices were distributed to the public by the students.

World Enviornment Day Awareness

OEF – Project – 58 Environment – 9 (I –III) – 2017 – 2018 – Project Modern Waste Management @ Nasiyanur Town panchayat

Location : Nasiyanur Town Panchayat, Erode district.

Handling of Municipal Solid Waste is one of the biggest challenges of any city. In order to control the municipal solid waste and also to prevent the disease spread by these solid wastes, Olirum Erodu Foundation has identified a solution to handle those municipal solid wastes at Nasiyanur Town Panchayat, Erode district called “Nowaste Fuel Free Solid Waste Incinerator Machine”. This machine has a capacity of incinerating about 1.5 Tons of Municipal Solid Wastes per day. The Controlled Oxygen Rotating Technology (CORT) which is used in this machine able to burn the wastes without any fuel. Both Dry and Wet Wastes can be burned in this incinerator at a time in a proposed ratio.

Olirum Erodu Foundation has donated this Incinerator Machine at as Cost of Rs.12 lakh. Local industries have also supported with funds for purchase of the above machines to manage the solid waste innovatively.
Result: There is no solid waste in the entire Nasiyanur Town Panchayat.

Nowaste Incinerator at Nasiyanur

OEF – Project – 83 / Environment -13 / 2018 – 2019 / Project- Modern Waste Management – Modakuruchi:

Location : Modakurichi Town Panchayat, Erode district.

Encouraged with the results of Nasiyanur Town Panchayat, Olirum Erodu Foundation has installed another Nowaste Fuel Free Solid Waste Incinerator Machine at Modakurichi Town Panchayat, Erode District. This machine has a capacity of incinerating about 1.5 Tons of Municipal Solid Wastes per day.

These model of incinerator becomes one of the self sustainable model, hence the total waste generated in a Town panchayat per day will be disposed on the same day hence, producing zero waste at the end of the day.

No Waste Fuel Free Solid Waste Incinerator

OEF – Project – 85 / Environment – 15 / 2018 – 2019 / Project – Solid Waste Management ,Vairapalayam

Olirum Erodu Foundation is setting up a 10 Solid Waste incinerator in Corporation Land, Vairapalayam at a cost of Rs.50 Lakhs. Through this Project the solid wastes collected daily in the corporation area will be incinerated on the same day and will be brought to a state where there will be zero waste.

These model of incinerator becomes one of the self sustainable model, hence the total waste generated in a Town panchayat per day will be disposed on the same day hence, producing zero waste at the end of the day.

OEF – Project – 112 – /Environment – 18 / 2019 – 2020 / Project – Ezhumathoor Firing Range Sapling Plant

The Elumathoor shooting range was set up by Olirum Erodu Foundation in association with the Tamil Nadu Police on the northern slope of Kanagagiri hill in the Velampalayam area under the Velampalayam panchayat on the Elumathur-Avalpoonthurai road in the Modakkurichi circle in the Erode district. 700 saplings of fourteen varieties have been planted on an area of 6 acres with a view to converting it into dense forest.

Project – Ezhumathoor Firing Range Saplings

OEF – Project – 114 – Environment – 19 / 2019 – 2020 / Project – Miyawaki Sapling Project:

Miyawaki is a method of growing all kinds of plants in one place. Doing so will increase soil fertility. The site is 230 feet long, 85 feet wide and 1.5 feet deep on 0.75 acre near the Chettithoppu area on the Erode- Perundurai Road and is filled with approximately with 15 tonnes of compost, in which the native trees were planted 19 types of saplings have been planted such as Neem, Novel, Poovarasu, Mapleflower, Maruthusilver oak, Iluppai, Mulsieta, Fig, Pungan, Mullaivu, Ashok tree, Heaven, Vilamaram.

Project – Miyawaki Sampling Plantation

Project – Collection of E Waste:

E – Waste Collection and Awareness Camp:

Olirum Erodu Foundation has launched its e waste camp on 25.06.2015 in the chairmanship of District collector. A separate collection camp has been functioning till now at E Waste camp, Next to Gobinath Hospital, Opp Ravi Theater, Perundnurai Road, Erode. Awarenss has been created among the local public, School students and Industries regarding the severe effects of these hazadours wastes. All the e wastes collected has been safely disposed through an government approved agency.